Trainings & Events

Trainings & Events

Journalism School of NATO and Security Studies – Video

A video about Journalism School of NATO and Security Studies.

Journalism School of NATO and Security Studies

Here you will find all podcasts of the lessons held during Journalism School of NATO and Security Studies.

Meeting with journalists in Shkodra

Tirana Center for Excellent Journalism (TCJE) organized in Shkodra, in the youth center Arka, on October 7, a meeting with journalists from RTSH Shkodra, as part of the project entitled ” Development of critical thinking towards the Albanian media ”

Journalism School of Nato and Security Studies

Intro video of Journalism School of NATO and Security Studies.

Call for applications: School of Security and NATO Studies

Are you a journalist or studying to become one? Are you looking to pursue a career in international relations or security studies? If yes, then you can apply to the Online “School of Security and NATO studies” organized by Tirana Centre for Journalistic Excellence (TCJE), with the financial support of NATO. The ‘School of Security and NATO studies’ will be held in October-November 2020 and the lectures will be conducted in Albanian. With a growing interest of news about Albania as part of NATO and security issues in general, the School aims to provide the participants with thorough knowledge on topics related to NATO’s history and Albania’s role in it, as well as security challenges Albania is faced with; terrorism and violent extremism in Albania and the region and media’s role in reporting and fighting it. Through ten thematic interactive sessions, the participants will discuss the future of NATO in light of potential security challenges, the return of geopolitics in the Balkans as well as cyber security.   Eligibility Undergraduate students who are enrolled in the 1st semester or higher when applying, Master or PhD students and young graduates from the Journalism Department are eligible to apply. Candidates’ field of studies should have a focus on journalism, international relations and diplomacy or political studies. The applicants should be older than 19 years when applying. A very good command of Albanian is required. English is an asset. How to apply? All interested candidates are requested to apply by filling in this application form. Deadline for applications: October 9th 2020

Prof. Dr. Gjergj Sinani was the keynote speaker to the second seminar on reporting of religious topics

On Thursday, July 2, TCJE held a second seminar with Albanian journalism students and Prof. Dr. Gjergj Sinani on “Religion and Media”. Prof. Dr. Sinani spoke about the history of religion as well as its philosophical roots, and how they can be applicable to religion reporting in the media today.

Religion and Media Seminar held in Tirana with Prof. Dr. Përparim Kabo as keynote speaker

On Wednesday, June 10th TCJE held a second seminar with Albanian journalists and keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Përparim Kabo to discuss how religion is currently being reported in the media. Journalists and Prof. Dr. Kabo exchanged ideas and suggestions on the improvement of the current situation.  

Food Safety Investigation: can we trust what we eat?”

Food Safety Investigations: Can we trust what we eat? TCJE is training a group of Albanian journalists to report on food safety issues. (With funding from the U.S. Embassy in Tirana.)

Strengthening the capacity of media professionals

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