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Since its establishment, TCJE has provided independent and detailed coverage of national and local elections in Albania.

Prof. Dr. Gjergj Sinani was the keynote speaker to the second seminar on reporting of religious topics

On Thursday, July 2, TCJE held a second seminar with Albanian journalism students and Prof. Dr. Gjergj Sinani on “Religion and Media”. Prof. Dr. Sinani spoke about the history of religion as well as its philosophical roots, and how they can be applicable to religion reporting in the media today.

Students of journalism attend the TCJE training on “Religion and the Media”

TCJE brought together journalism students in Albania to discuss “Religion and the Media”, in the framework of “Strengthening the capacity of media professionals to reduce the threat of radicalization through the use of reflective journalism.” Students spoke of their own experiences and ideas on the situation of religion reporting in the Albanian media. 

Religion and Media Seminar held in Tirana with Prof. Dr. Përparim Kabo as keynote speaker

On Wednesday, June 10th TCJE held a second seminar with Albanian journalists and keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Përparim Kabo to discuss how religion is currently being reported in the media. Journalists and Prof. Dr. Kabo exchanged ideas and suggestions on the improvement of the current situation.  

Food Safety Investigation: can we trust what we eat?”

Food Safety Investigations: Can we trust what we eat? TCJE is training a group of Albanian journalists to report on food safety issues. (With funding from the U.S. Embassy in Tirana.)

Enabling critical thinking towards the Albanian media landscape

Using the profit accumulator is one such way, and you should understand why it increases your chances of the profits.

Strengthening the capacity of media professionals

The middle part is called the emotional, brain-controlled feeling. The outer part controls logical reasoning.

Elections 2017: Seven things to keep in mind as Albanians head to the polls

They play a role in making operations more seamless, bridging the gap between authorities, consumers and businesses.

Why foreign policy is missing from Albania’s electoral campaign

It is understandable that in a small country like Albania foreign policy is not going to get much attention on the campaign trail.