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Plagiarism in Albanian Universities – An Investigation

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Plagiarism in Albanian Universities – An Investigation

In the framework of the “Education in Albania: The Roots of the Crisis” funded by the Investigative Network Albania, Tirana Centre for Journalism Excellence (TCJE) has produced an investigative documentary on the topic of plagiarism in the Albanian education system.

The short documentary “Plagiarism in Albanian Universities” aims to bring a closer look into the use, or lack of thereof, of the first anti-plagiarism platform in the country by the Albanian higher education institutions. The need for such a platform was emphasized during the students’ protest in late 2018 and measures on plagiarism were one of the demands of the students as part of the Pact for the University.

According to the investigations, out of 3,500 doctoral theses, only 312 of them were uploaded in the portal, to be used by only two universities out of 12 in the country. One year after the beginning of the contract for the use of the anti-plagiarism platform, it is safe to say that the project has been a failure.