School of Security and NATO studies

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School of Security and NATO studies

TCJE with the financial support of NATO will organize a ‘’School of Security and NATO studies’’ in October-November 2020.

Journalism students and young journalists will participate in 10 lectures in a 2 month period on issues related to NATO, security, cybersecurity, energy security, terrorism, violent extremism, future security challenges etc.

Lecture topics:

Lecture 1: Introduction lecture, security issues in general.

Lecture 2: NATO (history, functioning, Albania’s role)

Lecture 3: Terrorism, violent extremism and security in Albania and the region and Media’s role in reporting and fighting it.

Lecture 4: NATO and security challenges (Russia, terrorism, violent extremism, cyber-security, China)

Lecture 5:  Cyber-security and Medias

Lecture 6: Energy security in Albania and the region

Lecture 7: Journalism and security challenges

Lecture 8: The return of geopolitics in the Balkans and security issues

Lecture 9: The future of NATO

Lecture 10: The future of Albania’s and the region’s security challenges

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