Enabling critical thinking towards the Albanian media landscape


Enabling critical thinking towards the Albanian media landscape

TCJE in collaboration with the Albanian Media Institute and with the financial support of the European Union, is implementing a project on Media literacy in Albania. The goals of this project are to strengthen media literacy and critical thinking towards the media industry in Albania among the public. By reaching out to diverse groups of the population, it will aim to inform on media ethics and on the ways media messages are designed and presented in print and online media. 

The project aims to decrease media illiteracy by raising the amount of information made available to the public, by encouraging critical thinking towards what it reads and watches and by attempting to improve, in part, media content. It serves the needs of youth and students by offering to them formative knowledge on media literacy and the media landscape from an early phase, in turn also providing them with some tools to enhance their critical thinking towards the media, but also the fields the media touches. 

Similarly, young media professionals are trained on the ethical ways of generating and using media content and language, in addition to paying more attention to the messages they transmit to the public.

The project is relevant in regards to the proposal because it directly aims to educate youth and young professionals and raise the public’s knowledge of the media industry.

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