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Elections 2017: Seven things to keep in mind as Albanians head to the polls

The parliamentary elections that will be held this Sunday, June 25, 2017, are unique in Albania’s recent history. They are the most unpredictable and the calmest since the fall of communism. They are also a paradox as elections go. And

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In Depth: Albanians vote to elect local leaders in test elections for governance and new territorial division

Albania's new territorial division as 61 municipalities. (Photo: Instat Gis)

Voters across Albania are heading to the polling stations today to elect their local government leaders – 61 new mayors through a direct vote and 1,610 members of the local municipal councils though a closed-list party vote. Voting started at

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Tirana mayoral candidates focus on economic concerns as campaign continues

With the electoral campaign for the June 21 local elections in full gear, mayoral candidates for the municipality of Tirana, home to a third of the country’s population, have focused much of their attention on economic issues like employment and

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Tirana mayoral candidates continue campaign

Political parties in Albania have kicked their mayoral electoral campaigns into full gear, making promises of thousands of jobs, tens of expensive projects, including new schools and infrastructure. The largest mayoral race in terms of number of voters and political

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Elections Chamber created to facilitate monitoring, holding candidates accountable

Several civil society organizations involved in the upcoming electoral process for the mayoral elections, have joined forces to assist each-other with information, tools and volunteers to appropriately monitor the process. The coalition, to be known as the Electoral Chamber, will

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Communist-era asbestos affecting hundreds, as ignorance of risks persists

Albania is covered in 90,000 tons of communist-era deadly asbestos – and there is little public awareness of the risks or proper tracking of the resulting deadly diseases, environmentalists say.  As tourists looked for a Riviera-bound bus under Tirana’s scorching

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Problems in education system making unemployment worse, officials say

Concern is growing in Albania over the quality of the education system and its effects on massive unemployment, particularly among young people, international and local experts say. The World Bank’s regional director, Ellen Goldstein, said at a recent high-level conference

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Asbesti i komunizmit shkatërron shëndetin e qindra shqiptarëve çdo vit nga mosnjohja e rrezikut

Shqipëria është e mbuluar me rreth 90 mijë tonelata asbest vdekjeprurës i mbetur nga koha e komunizmit — dhe ka shumë pak ndërgjegjësim publik për rreziqet e tij apo ndjekjen e duhur të sëmundjeve që vinë si rrjedhojë, thonë ambientalistët. Ndërsa

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Concerns grow over ‘Albania’s Oliver Twists’

Albanian government raises alarm, vows to act, as international study finds hundreds of Albanian children are being exploited by parents and other adults to work as street beggars and drug harvesters. By MEGI LLUBANI* A considerable number of street children

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Shtohet shqetësimi për ‘Oliver Tuistët e Shqipërisë’

Qeveria shqiptare ngre alarmin dhe zotohet të veprojë pas një studimi që zbulon se qindra fëmijë shqiptarë po shfrytëzohen nga prindërit dhe të rritur të tjerë që të punojnë në rrugë si lypës dhe kultivues droge. Nga MEGI LLUBANI* Një

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