Election outcome unchanged following latest recount

The latest partial recount in Albania’s general election, which was as part of an investigation in the northwestern county of Kukes, has not resulted in a change in the election outcome in the country’s smallest electoral district.

Kukes County has the smallest representation in Albania's 140-member parliament, four seats.

Kukes County has the smallest representation in Albania’s 140-member parliament, four seats.

The recount came at the request of the Socialist Movement for Integration, which claimed that earlier counting had been flawed in several polling centers and had stripped it of a seat in parliament.

After winning an appeal at the Electoral College, the elections’ appeal court, 15 ballot boxes were opened and counted again, but there was no change from what was previously marked in the first count.

Kukes, which has only four out of a total of 140 members in Albania’s parliament, will have three Democratic MPs and one Socialist MP.

The Kukes recount joins a trend of others that have not changed the election outcome, which is now locked at 83-57 in favor of the Socialist-led coalition which defeated the Democratic-led coalition in a landslide in last month’s general election.

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