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Communist-era asbestos affecting hundreds, as ignorance of risks persists

Albania is covered in 90,000 tons of communist-era deadly asbestos – and there is little public awareness of the risks or proper tracking of the resulting deadly diseases, environmentalists say.  As tourists looked for a Riviera-bound bus under Tirana’s scorching

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Concerns grow over ‘Albania’s Oliver Twists’

Albanian government raises alarm, vows to act, as international study finds hundreds of Albanian children are being exploited by parents and other adults to work as street beggars and drug harvesters. By MEGI LLUBANI* A considerable number of street children

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More attention sought for children dropping out of school for economic reasons

Mired in poverty, many of Albania’s rural children struggle for access to education Nga BUJAR KAROSHI* June 1 is around the corner, and Emrahi is happy that spring has come, so he can work and bring some income to his

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Albanians expropriated under communism demand compensation to escape poverty

Residents who were expropriated under communism in the Shkodra region say they are now among the poorest in society and demand compensation. Despite being officially compensated with 1 hectare of land in the mid-1990s, in most cases they haven’t received

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Albania’s rainbow fears

The Albanian LGBT community continues to face social stigma, despite a progressive legal framework and investments from the international community By SASHENKA LLESHAJ /* It rained heavily that weekend, but they rode their bikes on Albania’s main boulevard anyway,

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Authorities struggle to tame Albania’s deadly roads

Aiming to deal with rising death toll, Albania’s government has proposed a series of measures to strengthen law enforcement.  The death toll in a single day earlier this month was shocking even for people familiar with Albania’s deadly roads: Eleven

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Albania looks to address persisting violence against women

Civil society representatives in Albania have called on the government to do more to address violence against women, which has plagued the country since the fall of communism.  The calls came as Albania marked the International Day Against Violence Toward

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Roma families protest eviction

After being forced out of their homes by a construction company, Roma families lived on a nearby sidewalk for weeks About 40 Roma families who were kicked out of a Tirana settlement by a construction company have been granted housing

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