Foto arkive, nga nje aktivitet i TCJE-se.

Archive photo: TCJE had its official launch in 2013.

The Tirana Centre for Journalistic Excellence (TCJE.org) is a nonprofit civil society organization that aims to improve the quality of journalism in Albania by providing and commissioning professional and independent media coverage that is free of political and commercial pressures often faced by Albanian media.

TCJE focuses on providing coverage that strengthens democracy and rule of law in Albania. It also aims to assist in improving media freedoms, highlighting excellence in journalism and strengthening the role of media in Albanian society.

The centre was founded by a group of journalists and civil society experts in 2012 in response to the fact that despite having more media outlets per capita than many of Europe’s most advanced countries, Albania still suffers from a lack of quality reporting on sensitive subjects due to the media often bowing down to political and economic pressures, and often resorting to biased coverage.



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TCJE presentation

A different approach: Implementing a nonprofit media model, TCJE’s mission is to improve the quality of journalism in Albania, focusing on providing coverage that strengthens democracy, rule of law and human rights. More

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