Elections Chamber created to facilitate monitoring, holding candidates accountable

Several civil society organizations involved in the upcoming electoral process for the mayoral elections, have joined forces to assist each-other with information, tools and volunteers to appropriately monitor the process.

The coalition, to be known as the Electoral Chamber, will observe the electoral process during the campaign, election day and the tabulation of results.

The organizations work with their staff and volunteers to closely follow the counting of votes, which often a part of the process were there is suspected fraud.

One of the coalition’s leaders, Lutfi Dervishi said the new entity will serve as a platform for exchanging information among all the relevant actors.

“Aiming to strengthen domestic actors, the Albanian civil society, the Elections Chamber brings together for the first time in Albania all the organizations that are directly or indirectly engaged at different expertise levels for the monitoring of the elections of June 21,” Dervishi said.

The civil society has a long experience in monitoring the electoral process in Albania. Several volunteer organizations that monitored the elections were created since the beginning of Albanian democracy.

But the newly-established chamber says it wants to include a wider scope than simply monitoring the process. Participating institutions will follow the elections and also the promises candidates make.

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