CEC issues final election results, electoral process officially ends

Albania’s Central Elections Commission has issued its final results of the June 23 general parliamentary election six weeks after the election took place. The final results reaffirm the landslide win by the Socialist-led coalition over its rivals led by the Democratic Party.

Lefterije Lleshi, the head of CEC, read the results in front of journalists.

Lefterije Lleshi, the head of CEC, read the results in front of journalists.

CEC’s announcement today officially marks the end of the electoral process in Albania, which despite delays in issuing the results, went fairly  smoothly by Albanian standards – with the election loser gracefully accepting defeat and the winner humbly celebrating victory.

The final results – 83 MPs for the winning leftist coalition and 57 for its center-right rival – have been known for quite some time, but the official process of issuing final results was delayed by a series of appeals and requests for recounts by both sides, which ultimately led to no change in the preliminary results.

In addition, CEC’s inability to form a quorum, after three of its members resigned ahead of the elections due to a political row, also led to delays.

A few days earlier, the Electoral College, an election appeals body composed of judges, had already ruled to distribute the MP seats based on the results, a decision that mirrors the final results CEC issued today.

The college’s ruling effectively superseded CEC’s authority, because CEC was unable to form a quorum, and today’s announcement by CEC is largely a technicality, but one that put a final seal on the electoral process.

Albania June 23 general parliamentary election went well well enough for most analysts to agree that the country has passed a major test in its path to strengthening democracy and move toward European integration.

Albania’s new parliament is scheduled to meet on Sept. 7, and the new government is expected to be sworn in two days later.

In the final results of the June 23 elections which the CEC issued to journalists this week, the Socialist Party led their chief rivals the Democrats by 185,000 votes. The surprise strong showing of the Socialist Movement for Integration, which received 180,00 votes, meant that the SP ally pushed the overall leftist coalition win into landslide territory.

The winning coalition will have a total of 83 seats in parliament, of which 65 will be for the Socialist Party, 16 for SMI and one each for the Greek minority party, PBDNJ, and the Christian Democratic Party.

The center-right coalition in opposition will have a total of 57 seats in parliament. Of these, 46 belong to the Democratic Party, five to the Republican Party, four to the Cham community’s PDIU and one seat each for two smaller parties that benefited from being offered seats in the Democratic Party lists.


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