Electronic scanning might not be ready in time for elections

This year’s national elections will have new procedures in two regions — Tirana and Fier. But in both places implementation has shown the application is not going to be easy.

In Tirana, there will be an electronic check of the identity cards used by voters. While in Fier there will be an electronic check of the ballots cast from the voters. It is not clear if the election authorities will be able to conduct the electronic counting in Fier. And there are many doubts on the electronic ID checks in Tirana too. Spanish company Indra will implement the electronic services for both regions.

There have been worries that due to the large number of political parties taking part in the election, it will not be easy to include them in one page, thus making it difficult to be checked through electronic scanning. In Tirana, there is worry that unless IDs are electronically checked, that there will be manipulation and people may vote in two or more different places. That was one of the reasons behind electronic checking.

The system is not entirely ineffective, but as it stands, it will be 48 hours before authorities know if one has voted in two different places.

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